Protector of the internal cohesion

STAY STRONG: protector of the internal cohesion of the hair fiber during the coloration or decoloration process

250ml SKU: oe19014 Brand: Oroexpert

Description: The unique association of gold particles, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid creates an internal elastic glue that bonds the hair fibers together for a perfectly protected cortex during the coloration process. It multiplies the Keratin Bonds, enhances and reinforces sulfur bridges to improve hair quality and structure with instantly visible effects leaving the hair plumped, healthy and shiny from roots to tips. STAY STRONG  is recommended for all women with damaged hair that still want to colour or decolour their hair and lighten it by more than 2 levels.

Usage: STAY STRONG can be used before the decoloration and sprayed directly onto the hair or directly mixed with the decoloration, the superlightener, or the hair colour.