Decoloration Powder for Balayage

BALAYAGE: Dust-Free Decoloration Powder for paint-on techniques - GREY

450gr SKU: oe12016 Brand: Oroexpert

Description: Ideal for all free hand or paint-on techniques. Up to 6/7 tones. Clay-enriched formula optimizes and neutralizes undesired reflections. The clay combined with the C-Gold maintains a perfect level of humidity and protects internal hair structure for perfectly healthy looking hair. Easy to use texture. Easy application.

Use: Mix in a ratio of 1:2 with Oroexpert Divine Activator from 10 to 40 Vol. (e.g. 30 gr of powder with 60 ml of Divine Activator 40 Vol.), apply with a brush to the desired area and leave on the hair until target level of lightening is achieved. Maximum recommended processing time: 50 minutes.