Blonde Nirvana

All you need to create beautiful blondes in just one place!

Blonde Nirvana delivers what women have been looking for centuries: pure blond without brassy yellow reflects. With Blonde Nirvana you can achieve all types of blondes: platinum blondes, icy blondes, smoky blondes or beige, right until the vivid violet or pink blondes.

Blonde Nirvana can also bring natural grey hair to nirvana for men or women who want to keep their natural grey hair looking crisp and luminous. All products share the same technology specifically engineered to give you excellent hair quality and a stable colour: thanks to the association of C-Gold and Hyaluronic acid. Blonde Nirvana makes extensive use of Acid pH Technology that closes the cuticle after the decoloration process. Hair is left in fantastic condition and the colour stays as intended for much longer.