Our Philosophy

Our Mission

“Offer the best hairdressers, the most precious ingredients together with unrivalled performance and a friendly, effective service to help them make women look and feel better about themselves while defending the hairdressing industry and having a positive impact on our planet. We are a family run company that works with family owned distributors, this make a big difference in the service we offer our hairdressers”

Responsible Luxury
Respect for our Planet

We use the best ingredients that have the highest performance with the minimal footprint for our planet whether they are natural or manmade. We do not pretend to be 100% natural as this is not a recipe for minimizing ecological footprint, nor reducing t.he risk of allergies or toxicity. We use bigger packaging than most professional brands because it helps to reduce the use of plastic and of energies. When we use natural ingredients, we make sure they are eco certified; (i.e. they have been gown ethically and with minimal use of water and soil…).

We dedicate 5% of our margin to invest in projects that fight global warming. We invest in planting tree as this is one of the only way to day to really offset carbon emissions that is inevitable with any production.

We support     Arbor Day Foundation


It means we strive to make the best products for the hairdressers: we always use the best ingredients available regardless to the cost of these ingredients. Best performance means that we use manmade ingredients as well as natural ones. We believe that what really counts for salon is top performance not allegedly green and all natural formula. If we found natural ingredients that really works; we use them but our first priority is always performance.


Means reasonable cost for the hairdressers

We protect and serve the hairdressers, our obsession is to provide hairdressers with the right tools to do their job at a reasonable cost. For this we do not compromise the quality but we cut a lot of unnecessary costs: we have our office in the subburds of Prague not in the middle of Manhattan or Paris, we only employ people that are in direct contact with our clients and nobody else, we invest al lot in education, and only is what is necessary in marketing and communication, we do not use expansive models to make our photoshoot.

Means products that are only available to hairdressers

Very few of the brands really guarantee that there products do not find the way to the hands of final consumers on amazon, on e-shops or cash and carry shops. We have been in business for 5 years and today we guarantee you that you will not be able to buy our products if you are not a hairdressers. We control the way our products are distributed and we react very quickly if somebody tries to distribute our products outside the professional channel.

Means that we try to have the minimal impact on the planet

We use bigger size to reduce packaging waster, we use recyclable plastic and aluminium, we try to use glass as often as possible because it is very easily recyclable and actually recycled, we use natural ingredients that come from renewable and are responsively grown. Natural does not means necessarily better for the planet but when we use natural ingredients we make sure they are cultivated with the minimum impact possible on our planet. We dedicate 5% of our margin to specific project against global warming like planting trees.

Means that we use the safest ingredients

For the hairdressers and the end consumers: we adhere to the highest standards demanded by the health authorities. All our formula are Vegan and we are absolutely against animal testing. We do not sell in china who requires manufacturer to test on animals. We do not talk about what is not in our products, we do not want to enter the frenzy about mentioning without parabens, without sulfate, without gluten, without ammonia… we believe this are completely sterile claims and are actually misleading and create fear where there should not be: the cosmetic industry is extremely safe overall. We use the best and the safest ingredients to do the job.