Alchemist Story

Gold & Alchemy

Alchemists have used gold as a seed for transmutation, a small amount of gold was used to be the catalyzer of the transmutation process. Gold was the ultimate objective of the alchemist, both materially but also philosophically as a way to enlighten the mind and the soul.

We believe hairdressers have this special power to transform women. Hair making them not only look better but more importantly feeling better about themselves. They are the modern alchemists and we are committed to bring them the best tools to perform this sublimation.

GOLD is also a symbol for Oroexpert for luxury, exclusivity of distribution, for top quality ingredients and formulas, for our timeless classic french elegance, and of course for the gold particles in our formulas which make a difference in the restructuring of the hair.


Gold is believed since the Egyptians to have many cosmetic properties: anti-oxidants, stabilizing, shine, restructuring.
Collagen (a form of Protein) is a main component of the hair, the skin and nails. It is essential for hair skin elasticity, strength and ability to retain moisture.

C-Gold or Gold Collagen is a major innovation in maintaining hair structure intact; it acts as an elixir of youth on your hair preserving its internal cohesion.
C-Gold is a very special alchemical inspired emulsion of collagen and gold micro particles; the association of chains of bio molecular peptides with tiny gold particles. It acts as a philosophers’ stone in all our haircare and color formulas, enhancing performance of all of our active ingredients to achieve perfect hair quality.